Synchronize Contacts of Accounts you follow

An important feature in Dynamics CRM is the ability to synchronize contacts with Outlook and your mobile device via your Exchange account. This can be done through the Outlook client for CRM or by using the Server-Side Synchronization feature. Synchronization filters in CRM determine which CRM contacts are automatically synchronized. The default filter is set to the contacts that you own. Because only one user can own a contact record, it often makes sense to adjust this filter. Some organizations choose to synchronize all Contacts. This may work for smaller organizations but when the number of contact records increases, it becomes less practical to have all contacts on your mobile device. Contact lists in cars often have a cap (for example 2000 contacts) and scrolling up and down a huge list of contacts becomes tiresome forcing you to use the search feature.


For a customer of mine I recently introduced two new filters that synchronize contacts that the user follows and contacts of the accounts that the user follows. The main benefit of using these filters is that users themselves can determine which contacts are synchronized by following or unfollowing accounts and contacts. Another nice advantage is that contacts added by colleagues to accounts you follow are also automatically synchronized. To make things even easier you could create workflows to automatically create follows when records are created by or assigned to users.